24 – The Hunt For Red November Story Outline

24 – The Hunt For Red November

Who says there’s no such thing as a weather machine. Our own President has said that this is not science fiction, but science fact.

I remember when I was a young girl, that the Air Force used to send planes up to ‘seed’ the clouds to make it rain during extremely dry seasons.  What more are scientist capable of doing these days.

Arc 1: Story Line Concept

The first arc of the story begins with Pavel Golovin’s, a top Russian Meteorologist, departure from Sevastopol in the Crimeas (Prologue) and ends with his arrival in Tartus, Syria (Chapter 13).

Interspersed throughout this arc is Jim Madison’s (Joint Special Operations Command – 24th Special Tactics Squadron) pursuit of Ruyah Al-Basir, his capture by the Russians, and his subsequent rescue carried out by his fellow JSOC team members.

Not to mention, but there’s a conspiracy surrounding the next person to be elected President of the United States of America. The current President, a much hated Arab American, who became President by default, after a devastating attack on America, the President is in The Netherlands at the International Peace Court, trying to broker a peace settlement with the nations that carried out the attack.

Arc 2: Outline   It begins with Madison and his team’s arrival at The Hague by Presidential command.

Arc Two:  Outline

Chapter 14
Khamis meets with Madison and his crew concerning a photograph of Ready, Serga Ivanovich, and Noah Daniels. Madison and the others are surprised to find out that Noah Daniels is out of federal prison.

Chapter 15
Khamis has a secret that he’s terrified will come out, that he had advance warning of the attack but did nothing about it because the report implicated his wife, Alya.

He also wonders why Russian President Ivanovich called him a traitor and Tinker.
He also recalls the night Nasser kept him from being killed along with everyone else.  Plans on sending Madison’s team to find that man.

Chapter 16
Alex Baldwin as Arnold Stone.  Stone gives a speech, warned to stay on course by campaign manager Malcolm Mavis, that is interrupted by Alya supplying a copy of Khamis’ birth certificate to the press.

Chapter 17
Madison and his team board Air Force one and are greeted by Lucinda’s old boyfriend, William ‘Will’ Hampton.

Chapter 18
Thomas Avery, Deputy National Security Advisor explains the situation to Madison and his men – that the Russians are behind the destruction of Homs and Aleppo.

Chapter 19
Air Force One leaves The Netherlands and encounters a storm out over the Azores.  Noah Daniels tries to bring down Air Force One using Kinetic sculptures and the weather machine. It’s Ready who tells him when Air Force One is departing the Netherlands.  (Writer’s Note:  More action needed in this chapter)

Chapter 20
STORY SHIFT  In this chapter, we find out what happened to Ruyah.  She is being held prisoner by Noah Daniels and has given him the weather factory’s location.  She also sees an opportunity to gain more POWER.  (This is a night scene)

Chapter 21
Arnold Stone goes on the Jimmy Fallon show and does well.  Ruyah catches the show from her hotel prison room. 

Chapter 22
JSOC SEAL Team 2-4 arrives back in Washington and discuss the flight back.  They also are deployed as Secret Service agents and then dispatched to stake out Ready’s home.

Chapter 23
Alya Khamis Bayat Mosaddegh is profiled.  She knows Khamis will not be pleased with her giving his birth certificate to the press.  She and Khamis argue and he tells her he knows about her being part of the National Front which is part of The New Republic.

Chapter 24
Madison and his team settle in and start the hunt for evidence to charge Ready and Noah with treason

Chapter 25
STORY SHIFT:  Pavel Golovin is shocked to find that the weather factory is up and running.  Antaloy Basov has plans for the United States.    Golovin worries that his secret

Chapter 26
Alya tells Khamis to destroy all evidence that he knew about the attack.  After long reflection and knowing that Stone would not be good for the country, he destroys the evidence and puts his hat in for the race for the Presidency.  Hail ends the Press Conference.

Chapter 27
Stone gives a ‘speech’ in Des Moines, Iowa and the weather is beautiful.

Chapter 28
Khamis gives a speech and there’s a blizzard.  He’s stuck in Des Moines and we learn more about his past.

Chapter 29
The Presidential debates.  Stone and Khamis go head to head.Stone is declared the winner.  Suddenly, everyone is talking about Stone.

Chapter 30
Ready tries to tell Stone that this is as far as he should go.  Now that the other candidates have been eliminated he should step aside for the real candidate.  But Stone refuses.  He tells Ready he can win the election.



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