Jim Madison – Chapter 3


Chapter 3: Excerpt from OneThreeThirteen

THE ‘WAR ROOM’ looked exactly like Madison feared it might – empty.

Together he and the Staff Sergeant got things going. The Staff Sergeant started up the central computer that linked Andrew’s computer system to the ones at the Pentagon. While the Staff Sergeant worked on the uplink to the Pentagon, Madison worked on getting an up-link to NORAD’s main satellite which he then linked to the ‘War Room’s world-wide status map. When the huge screens, that were the room’s main focus, lit up neither Madison nor the Staff Sergeant could believe what they were seeing. Continue reading


Jim Madison – Chapter 2



Chapter 2: Excerpt taken from OneThreeThirteen

LIEUTENANT COLONEL BILLY HAMILTON, Watch Commander for the night, ordered the men and women under his command to remain at their posts. He then went into the Base Commander’s office, took out his Air Force issued service revolver, put it to his right temple, and pulled the trigger. Continue reading

24 – The Hunt For Red November is in editing



The Final 15 chapters (38 -50) of 24 – of The Hunt For Red November have been written and the entire book has been sent off for editing.

So, while The Hunt is in editing – removing all of my typos, misspellings, grammatical errors, and story line inconsistencies – I thought you might appreciate a look back at Jim Madison’s adventures in OneThreeThirteen (A Presidential Agent Novel Series Book 1). Continue reading

24 – The Hunt For Red November – Chapter 35



Chapter 35

THIS IS GOOD.  This is good,” laughed Spiridon.  “That jackass, Khamis, is so concerned with defending himself that he is not looking at the bigger picture.  As Dr. King would have said, he has taken his eyes off the prize.  He thinks by winning the hearts of the people that he will win the Presidency.  That is a sign of a weak leader, Ivanovich, stated making eye contact with each of the Generals seated at the table with him.

Continue reading

Powers Boothe aka Noah Daniels


This morning I received some very bad news, Powers Boothe has died.

As many of you know, Powers Boothe figured centrally in my new ebook, ’24 – The Hunt For Red November,’ as Noah Daniels a role he made famous on the TV series 24.

I am so grateful that he allowed me in write him into the book.  I had dreams of seeing him come back to this role.  And I dearly regret that he did not get to read the final pages of the book.

Good bye Mr. Boothe and thank you so very much.  You were an inspiration for me.


Eliza D. Ankum asa elizabooks


24 – The Hunt For Red November – Chapter 34



Chapter 34

ZAKARIA KHAMIS, a man of deep spiritual faith, truly and sincerely wanted to connect with the people of America.  His mistake was starting with Des Moines, Iowa.  They represented, he thought, the heart of Middle America.  But most of all, he wanted to show the people of America that he was as American as they.   Only trouble was, he wasn’t. Continue reading

24 – The Hunt For Red November – Chapter 33



Chapter 33

“THANK YOU IOWA.  Thank you.  Such a gracious people.  Very gracious.  Look at this wonderful turnout.  And they said you wouldn’t come out to see a New York billionaire.  That’s billionaire with a ‘B’ as in boat loads of money.  Lots of money.  Continue reading