24 – The Hunt For Red November – Chapter 30



Chapter 30

AT SEVEN PM, eastern standard time a black Chevrolet Impala eased through the front gates of Senator McRae’s house instead of his usual black Lincoln Navigator. It turned left and headed east on O Street and ambled slowly down the prosperous street until it reached Wisconsin Avenue. Continue reading


24 – The Hunt For Red November – Chapter 29



Chapter 29

AT SIX PM, eastern standard time, the phone in Senator Jackson ‘Ready’ McRae’s home office rang.

“Our guy called to say, ‘nice work yesterday.’” Continue reading

24 – The Hunt For Red November – Chapter 28



Chapter 28

SPIRIDON IVANOVICH was in his office on his private estate in the village of Praskoveevka in Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.  It was where he came to escape the pressures of the Presidency.  And it was where he’d come the day after attending that illegitimate G20 summit in Brisbane when the leaders of the Western World had all lined up to humiliate him.

He loved the place.  It had everything that interested him and that enhanced his idea of masculinity.  It had mountains for climbing so that he could present himself, to the Russian people, as a rugged outdoorsman.  There were lakes and streams teaming with fish so that the Russian newspapers could photograph him being a sports fisherman.  And the forests around the estate had been stocked with wild game so that when the occasion rose that the Russian people needed to know that he was as brave and fearless as any soldier he ordered into battle, he could be photographed – gun in hand – taking down some fearsome creature.  The place suited him.

It was also where he came to discuss with the one man in the world he trusted, Anatoly Bosov, the sanctions imposed on both him and Russia.

The first round of sanctions had taken away his borrowing power with the EIU (European Investment Bank).  Yes, he, Spiridon Ivanovich had singlehandedly pulled Russia up out of the pit self-destruction and economic chaos caused by the collapse of the old Soviet Union.  He had protected the former President by not revealing how corrupt his administration had been.  And it was he, who had devising a plan to sell oil to foreign lands in order to replace the missing cash.  And then, he’d gone to work modernizing the Russian industry so that it could compete with the rest of the world.  Yes, all of that he’d done.

Now, these latest damn sanctions were to the degree that neither, he or any other Russian citizen, was allowed access to Western telecommunication systems or internet providers such as Go Daddy or Google.  He, Russia, was no longer, by degree of the law, was unable to purchase a Dell or Hewlett-Packard computer, or any devices made by Apple, or purchase items from eBay or Amazon.  He was constricted to the point that he couldn’t even purchase a damn McDonald’s hamburger.  And all monetary lines such as Visa and MasterCard were suspended and any and all Russians monies in Western banks were frozen.  American and its allies had fucked him over good.  And he hadn’t even started the shit!

It had begun when then Senator Santiago Garcia had started his run for the Presidency and not — as the American Press had reported in 2008 — with his annexation of neighboring Georgia.

Garcia had needed an issue, other than his being Hispanic, to galvanize the jaded American people into voting for him.  At least, the man had sense enough to know that the American people would never vote for him solely on the basis that they would set a precedent by making him the first minority to hold the position.

According to intelligence information gathered from his agents abroad — that is why Garcia latched onto the idea of making Russia the big bad bear in the woods, so to speak.

Garcia had been all over the TV talking against his annexation – their word – of Georgia and then Crimea.  He was only taking back that which had belonged to Russia for centuries.  He’d wondered how then President Thornton would have reacted had Oregon or California saying that they no longer wanted to be part of the United States.  Thornton would have sent troops to quell such a rebellion as he had with Georgia.

Garcia had gone on every American Talk Show telling anyone who’d listen that he, Spiridon Ivanovich, was guilty of Human Rights violations, war atrocities, and that he, was personally profiting from the invasion of Georgia.

So, he had placed a call to President Thornton humbly asking him to do something about Senator Garcia.   But that power hungry megalomaniac had only wanted to trade a favor for a favor.  He wanted to remain in power and had asked that he scale back Russia’s economic growth so as not to devalue the dollar.


Spiridon laughed aloud there in his office.  Garcia may have won the election and Thornton praised as a hero, but he, Spiridon Ivanovich, had won the war by having had both their asses killed on the steps of their Capitol Building and brought the United States and its allies to their knees.

Ivanovich hit the pause button on the video of President Zakaria Khamis’ disastrous announcement that he was running for the presidency.  He pulled an illegal cigar from the middle drawer of the fourteen thousand dollar or one hundred fifty thousand rubles Italian style desk, clipped off the end, and lit it.

“Poor Khamis,” he said aloud blowing a puff of cigar smoke up towards the gold coffered ceiling.  “You looked like such a fool on national television.  But you have only begun to feel my power.  I will crush you as you tried to crush me!”


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24 – The Hunt For Red November – Chapter 27



Chapter 27

KHAMIS STARED at his reflection in the mirror as he adjusted his tie. Reflected in that same mirror he saw that the Intelligence Report bearing Alya’s name, that he’d carelessly left on his nightstand, was on the table by the sofa. He rushed over, removed the only remaining copy from where it lay and hurriedly locked it in the room’s safe while saying a quick prayer to Allah. Continue reading

24 – The Hunt For Red November – Chapter 26



Chapter 26

BATHED AND LIGHTLY scented with the Arab perfume, Rakaan, Alya slipped off her Liberty of London bedroom slippers and climbed into bed next to Zakaria. He was reading another boring – or so she assumed – official report. Continue reading

24 – The Hunt For Red November – Chapter 25



Chapter 25

PAVEL GOLOVIN LISTENED carefully as the interpreter translated the Arab scientist’s explanation of the weather machine’s instrumentation panel, into Russian. Continue reading

24 – The Hunt For Red November – Chapter 24



Chapter 24  (WARNING:  This chapter contains language that some may find offensive)

LESS THAN TWO HOURS later, Madison sat in the back of a fully implemented surveillance van across the street from Senator McRae’s house, on O Street, listening through headphones as Alvarez, dressed as a landscaper, was struggling with convincing the two guards stationed at the gate that he was a new employee of the Senator’s regular landscaping service. Continue reading