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Alex Baldwin as Donald Trump.



Check out Chapter 10  and 16 of 24 –  The Hunt For Red November

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Alex nailed it. I’m still laughing.


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24 – The Hunt For Red November – Chapter 18


Chapter 18

GOOD EVENING, Colonel Madison, Gentlemen, greeted Thomas Avery, Deputy National Security Advisor to President Khamis, who took the time to shake each man’s hand as he entered the forward conference room.  Continue reading

24 – The Hunt For Red November Chapter 17

“Welcome aboard Colonel Madison, greeted Chief Master Sergeant William ‘Will’ Hampton.

“This is the first time I’ve been aboard since I ordered her blown up back in January.” Continue reading

Alex Baldwin on SNL


Hey faithful readers and fans,

Have you heard?  Alex Baldwin takes to the SNL (Saturday Night Live) stage as none other than Donald Trump.    Don’t miss it.  I know he can do it.

Here again is Chapter 16 featuring none other than Alex Baldwin.



Chapter 16

While Khamis was sweating his decision over calling in Madison and his team, Stone’s private jet was circling the New Jersey Airport in preparation for landing.

Stone’s campaign manager had strategically selected New Jersey because of the state’s strong Republican leaning and, it had suffered, what many people had believed was a thwarted terrorist attack, when two of three toll lanes on the George Washington bridge had been closed mysteriously during the early morning hours.

The plane’s pilot put on the fasten seat belt signs signaling his final approach.

“Are we ready?” Malcolm Mavis asked. Mavis, hand picked by Ready to be Stone’s campaign manger was a political hotshot who was tireless, ruthless, and merciless in his efforts at getting his candidate elected to office. He had a ninety percent win record.

“Yes. I can’t wait to get that Muslim bastard out of the White House.”

Mavis winced at what NBC, ABC, and CBS would do with a soundbite like that.

“Just watch your language out there, Stone, and you’ll do fine.”

“My language? What’s wrong with my language,” Stone asked pouting his lower lip. “My language is fine.”

“Just stay on track, Stone. Keep it PG. None of that Muslim bastard crap. You, most of all, he said pointing a finger at Stone, must stay respectful of the Office of the President.”

Stone rolled his eyes and stared out the plane’s window. He was elated to see so many News vans lined up on the far end of the tarmac waiting for his arrival.

“Are we ready,” Stone yelled, to be heard over the cheers of the crowd and the whine of the camera’s generators.

“Are we ready? Are we ready to make America right again? The roar of the crowd went up and Stone felt an inner jubilation that only unrestrained adoration can foster.
“Let me say, Stone yelled, holding up in right hand in the same manner as the Saints in ancient Icons, that there is something wrong going on in America. And it started with the man in the White House. Why won’t President Khamis show us his birth certificate? I’ll tell you why. Because he’s not an American citizen. That’s why. If he was born in this country why not prove it by showing us his birth certificate? This nation has been seriously wounded by foreign invaders and who do we have as our leader. A man who is not one of us. What is going on in this country when our enemies can put one of their own in the White House?

I want to know if our Arab President is up there in the White House secretly bowing down to Allah and swearing to uphold the Quran instead of God and the Bible. We need to know that.”

Much to Mavis’s chagrin his right pants leg buzzed. He was getting an urgent message from a staff member. “This had damn well better be urgent,” he thought.

“The next thing you know, Stone continued, our mothers, daughters, and sisters will be wearing those big black tents … what do they call them, burqas. I don’t know about you, but I like looking at women. As you know, I own the Miss New York Beauty Pageant. I don’t want my women all covered up. Who wants that?

Mavis shot Stone a telling look an immediately, Stone veered back to his practiced speech.

What’s going on in this country? We have the biggest and strongest military in the world and we have yet to retaliate against the countries who bombed us. Instead, we’re talking ‘peace’ he said, using his fingers to do an air quote. We’re talking peace instead of taking swift and decisive action, the way former President Thornton did during the invasion of Washington, DC.” Is that because President Khamis – and I use that term President apologetically when speaking of Khamis – because Khamis is one of them? The crowd roared their approval.

Mavis pushed his way to be back of the crowd so as not to be seen or overheard by one of the anxious journalist seeking an unguarded remark. He snarled his disgust upon reading the text.

The White House has cut in on all channels. Khamis’ wife, speaking from their private residence in the White House, is holding up a copy of Khamis’ birth certificate.

Mavis pushed his way back through the pre-screened and reimbursed crowd. He walked up behind Stone while he was speaking and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Khamis’ wife has released his birth certificate,” he whispered in Stone’s ear. “Put an end to this and so we can get back to New York and re-strategize.”
“Thank you! Thank you all for coming out today.”


Eliza D. Ankum
Author of
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